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Our Beautiful Bob

19 October 2003 - 07 July 2018


Bob was our one in a million horse.
Our whole experience with Bob over the last 9 years has been magical. It all started with a beautiful trip to Moss Vale to meet him at the National Shire Show in 2009. From there our love for him grew with every moment we spent with him. We bought Bob as an educated young horse from Southern Cross Shires and cannot thank them enough for allowing us to have him in our lives. 

He was cheeky but well behaved and always gave his most. He loved his food and a good neck scratch would deem you a friend. I spent so many hours at his feet washing those beautiful feathers and he would stand perfectly still the whole time. He loved his jaw being scratched as you washed his face. He would come cantering in from anywhere in his paddock when you called him from the gate. This said gate was semi circle shaped thanks to him rubbing his rump on it. When you let him out he would generally have a drink, canter off with a buck, a fart and a play then stopping abruptly to eat.

Bob was the heart and soul of Charming Carriages. He has been involved in nearly 200 weddings and events bringing so much love and happiness to every person he met along the way. He delivered brides and grooms safely to their weddings with the grandest of entrances, he would put his head down to say hello to kids and get little hands patting his nose, he would stand patiently for photos and he never put a foot wrong.

When he wasn’t working he was living in his paddock on my parents property. They cared for him so well and he was a special part of our farm. Dad would always feed him more than he was supposed to and I’m sure Bob loved him for it. We had the occasional trip to the beach where he wouldn’t swim unless I was in front of him, feet on his chest holding onto his halter he would push me through the water and it was the most incredible feeling. He refused to let us double dink on him but we let him have that as he did absolutely everything else we asked.

Over the last few years he has worked for Mum and Dads business Swan Valley Wagon Tours. Meeting so many people and educating them about the Shire breed, Bob was a true ambassador for the Shire Horse. He learnt quickly to work as a pair and did us proud as a wagon horse.

We have been on so many adventures together and I feel so very lucky to have had this time spent with this truely special horse. My heart aches with hurt and longing for wanting him back, the tears have not yet stopped. I had envisioned him growing old with us, getting a grey face and giving pony rides to our children for years to come. So incredibly sad he has left our family too soon although so grateful we have had nearly a decade with him. 

Bob now is resting in his paddock, on his farm where he was happy at home. May his life be celebrated for the happiness he bought to people and forever remembered in the hearts of all who loved him. 

Thank you to all the people who made Bob’s adventures possible.


We 🖤 Bob.

Rest easy my boy, you were perfect and have been such a wonderful part of my life, I’ll miss you.

BOB - Southern Cross Mallee Boy
19 October 2003 - 07 July 2018

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