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Our Story


I started Charming Carriages as a hobby venture back in 2009. Mum helped me find my perfect horse, Bob and we flew over to Sydney to see him at the National Shire Show. I fell in love and purchased him without hesitation. I found my carriage in Victoria, both were shipped west and so began Charming Carriages.

Now over a decade in and we are going strong. Servicing nearly 300 beautiful weddings and special events I am happy to say I have learnt so much and come so far with everything involved. From the nervous and scary first events, to now being 100% confident in what we do and the quality of our service.

In 2016 my parents Peter & Alida Watson purchased Swan Valley Wagon Tours. As a close family we now operate as sister businesses helping each other out.

This was a huge gain to Charming Carriages with this new family venture was the addition of our wonderful new horses. A pair of bay & white Clydesdales' Toffee and Major, a pair of white Percherons' Johnny and Violet and a black Clydesdale Percy. Having these additional horses has expanded our business and with more options for each wedding style.

Being a part of the Wedding industry as a small business owner in Perth makes my heart so happy. I absolutely love seeing the joy and happiness we bring to people’s faces. Sharing the wonder of our beautiful draft horses is so rewarding and a privilege I hold dear.  

In 2018 I had a massive setback when I lost my leading man Bob. Bob's sudden passing hit me harder than I could have ever imagined, and I was unsure as to whether I would continue the business without him. I took some time out and realised I couldn’t let our last 9 years of learning and work go to waste. It was the end of a chapter although not the end of our story. I had to continue in Bob's legacy. In support of the rare Shire horse breed I found and bought myself a shire filly foal ‘Lady’. 

Lady joined us in the west at 8 months old after making her way over all the way from NSW. She has massive shoes to fill, although she has already proven to be a very kind and gently little soul. It will be a few years and lots of training before Lady makes her wedding debut.

I am grateful to the charming people that have made my little dream possible by having Charming Carriages as part of their wedding or special event. 

Thank you also you my beautiful family and friends who have supported and helped me so much.


With Love, Sorrell xx

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